Asset Recoveries International, Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Unclaimed Funds Retrieval Service in Chicago, IL
Asset Recoveries International is in the business of locating unclaimed assets, finding the persons entitled to them, and once retained, establishing ownership resulting in the return of the property to its rightful owners. 

Our specialty is locating heirs who are entitled to a share of an estate, but who were unknown at the time probate was initiated.

When people die with assets and do not have a will, their legal heirs are entitled to the estate.  If such heirs are not known, a public official administrates the estate. After probate is completed without the legal heirs coming forth, the assets are deposited with a government agency.  When we discover either during the probate process or thereafter that there are unknown heirs, we make a determination as to the possibility of discovering heirs and whether the amount of money available justifies our proceeding.

ARI examines probate records and records reflecting money from estates on deposit with government agencies.  There are billions of dollars of unclaimed assets held by government entities – a significant amount belongs to unknown heirs (or their descendants).  The Illinois Treasurer alone holds over $2 billion in unclaimed money.